Mad_Adam In this economic climate, how will the companies in big trouble utilize Twitter? Ford steps up.


Mad_Adam Will twitter be more than just a fad, or will it fade out just like myspace and facebook? What are the differences?


Mad_Adam How essential is twitter in business? Essential enough to put it on your business card.


Mad_Adam Twitter is so much more than microblogging, it's free marketing!

@CookieKate What’s up Kate? According to this online document there is a Twitter application that companies are using to take responsibility on a more societal scale.

@CookieKate You can use fake money called “Twollars” to donate to charities, and companies will match your donation.

@CookieKate Show this to your kids!


@CookieKate “Case in point, a few months ago I started using the Twitter client Twhirl. 

@CookieKate One day I tried to sign-onto Twitter with Twhirl, and Twhirl said it didn't recognize my password, and wouldn't let me sign-on. 

@CookieKateFrustrated, I posted on Twitter that I couldn't get Twhirl to work, and that I was going to download and try Snitter (a competing service to Twhirl), instead. 

@CookieKateAlmost instantly, someone from Twhirl contacted me via Twitter, and walked me through the process to get Twhirl working for me again.  I have used Twhirl ever since.”

@CookieKateI found this quote in an article. Hope it helps!

@CookieKate Robert Stribley wrote a great article for razorfish about how the auto industry is successfully, and not so successfully engaging their customers using twitter.

@CookieKate He’s a website designer and information architect, so he knows his stuff. Check out his website to verify his credentials if you would like:


Mad_Adam Twitter has separated itself into a corporate tool, something other social networking sites have failed to do.

@CookieKate Here is the article:


@CookieKate Here is an article by a woman who works for that talks about how to make Twitter time worthy for everyone.

Mad_Adam Wal-Mart knows about Twitter. What other companies can I find?

@CookieKate Hey Kate, I found this video that tells what Twitter is all about.


Mad_Adam joined in on the phenomenon known as Twitter. I need to figure out what makes this so popular.



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